Learning confirmed.

At Affirmer, we believe that workplace learning and communication should be effective, confirmed, and engaging for all your staff.

Our customised solutions include high quality video and animations, interactive content to confirm knowledge, and actionable reporting.

Our focus is ensuring that your staff are supported in embracing key knowledge and critical procedures in your organisation.

Using the latest technology based on proven training methods, we make learning and communication easy for your organisation.

“We help you solve your critical workplace problems and risks through innovative solutions.”

The Affirmer solution

Affirmer is the future of flexible, engaging, and confirmed workplace learning and communication.

Microlearning Australia, Emergency Training Australia, Fire training Australia

Customised Content

Engaging content that is customised to your organisation and policies.

Flexible Learning

One off training, refresher courses, repetitive learning.

AR | VR | Metaverse

3D content that simulates real world scenarios.

Easy Delivery


Our digital content can be hosted on your platform, or ours!

Our flexible options

Content only

Library content for your LMS

We can supply generic or customised content that you can host on your system!

Complete solution

Training on any device, anywhere!

Train your staff with our fully featured microlearning platform.


Affirmer solutions are quick to create and deploy!

Customised to your organisation and can be integrated into your records and systems.

Multilingual options.

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