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At Affirmer, we believe that workplace training should be effective, confirmed, and engaging for all your staff.

Our site-specific training solution includes high quality video, interactive content to confirm knowledge, and actionable reporting.

Our focus is ensuring that your staff are supported in embracing key knowledge and critical procedures in your organisation.

Using the latest technology based on proven training methods, we make training easy for your organisation.


Aged Care

Don't wait for the next face-to-face training session to train your staff in critical procedures. Quickly add them using a QR code, and they complete their training in minutes.



Ensure your staff and Contractors are compliant and safe. High quality video inductions and job start training delivered on any mobile device.



Train every staff member to respond to the emergency colour codes for your facility. Ensure every staff member knows what to do for any emergency.

The Affirmer training solution

Affirmer is the future of flexible, engaging, and confirmed workplace training.

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Professional Quality

Professional quality content.

Flexible Content

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One off training, refresher courses, repetitive learning.

Actionable Reporting


Actionable Reporting on key points – Confirm completion, Identify Individuals or workgroup knowledge, identify areas requiring further training.



Flexible and convenient delivery to staff on IOS, Android and PC.

Fire Training Australia

We provide critical procedure training for healthcare, industrial and commercial facilities. Ensure that your staff understand every critical procedure in your workplace. Our high quality videos demonstrate to your staff what they need to do to be safe.

  • Quality HD Video
  • Customised to your site

  • Quality HD Video
  • Customised to your site
  • Mobile Solution
  • Reporting
  • User Certificates

  • Quality HD Video
  • Customised to your site
  • Mobile Solution
  • Reporting
  • User Certificates
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Full Integration with your systems

Emergency Training Australia

Affirmer produces microlearning emergency training content for Australia, and fire training for Australia. Each training course can be displayed on any mobile device or PC.  
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Affirmer training is quick to create and deploy!

Customised to your organisation and can be integrated into your records and systems.

Multilingual options.

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