Video Production

Video production including promotional videos, educational videos and social media content.

3D Animation

3D animations can be created to re-create scenarios for virtual / online training or concept visualisation.


Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality content can be delivered using VR headsets, or on mobile devices.

What content can we digitise?

SOP Transfer

We take your Standard Operating Procedures and create engaging training modules for your staff.


Deliver inductions quickly and cost-efficiently with our high quality videos and easy to use delivery system.

Safety Procedures

Essential safety procedures can be demonstrated using your staff, at your facility.

Critical Process

Reduce down-time and  increasing efficiency of your critical processes. Train your staff the right way every time.

Re-create any potential workplace hazard or risk with complete safety

Affirmer uses the latest in 3D animation technology to demonstrate any scenario. Any situation, anytime and anywhere .

Demonstrate critical procedures using your site and your staff

We come to your facility and record high quality video using your staff. Increase your learner engagement with familiar places and faces!

Virtual Presenters

Virtual presenters provide consistent delivery of course content and can be configured to suit all training situations.

We even use Ai Voice technology in any language!

Contact us

Find out how we can turn your procedures and documents into engaging video and animated content, and deliver it to your staff on any device.

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